Product Fulfillment

Fulco's product fulfillment service is available for non-subscription items offered by our publishers.

Fulco will enter any ancillary products, special back issue orders, and missed issue inquiries into our computerized system. We guarantee to enter, process, and ship in-stock orders within 48 hours. We will receive, store, and inventory all items, and supply complete monthly reports to the publisher.

Our product fulfillment service is divided into two programs; each has the same cost per individual item and for warehousing.

Replacement/missed issues

Fulco will ship issues to subscribers whose originals were lost or damaged in the mail. We will keep six months of inventory stock, after which we will recycle or ship the old stock, according to the publisher's instructions.

Full product fulfillment

All of the services offered in the replacement/missed issue program are included. In addition, this program offers fulfillment for separate products such as books and tapes. Fulco will store the publisher's stock indefinitely.

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Please contact your Client Service Manager for pricing options.