Fulco Shopping Cart

What is the Fulco Shopping Cart?

The Fulco Shopping Cart allows your customers to store multiple items in a saved list, and pay for these items in a single, secure environment. "Items" can be physical or digital products, payments, subscriptions, donations, or anything else that you would like your customers to be able to purchase. Check-out occurs on our secure server, providing you the ability to accept credit cards and other payment options without having to worry about implementing the details.

Why use the Fulco Shopping Cart?

Using the Fulco Shopping Cart along with our secure checkout makes setting up an online store easy. Expanding farther, items can be added to your customer's cart from anywhere on the web! The Fulco Shopping Cart integrates with PayPal, and other 3rd party payment options.

Will the Fulco Shopping Cart work with my current web site?

Absolutely! At the simplest level, implementing the Fulco Shopping Cart on an existing site is a matter of cutting/pasting HTML code; however, a rich web API is available for those users requiring more direct control over cart behavior.

What if I don't want to create or manage an online store?

That's Ok. When you sign up to use the Fulco Shopping Cart, you get an online store presence by default on our www.ezsubscription.com server. The included store pages can be customized to match your existing web site's look & feel.

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