Marketing Reports

Expire Inventory

Lists total subscriptions for each expiration date, with breakdowns for each market category (response channel) and by first-time and multiple renewals. Totals are provided for paid, bill-me, complimentary and controlled subscribers. Helpful for estimating publication press runs for list counts, budget projections, etc.

Accounts Receivable

Totals accounts receivable for billed subscriptions. Provides aging by invoice effort.

Earnings By Issue

Reports earnings for the current issue and projected earnings for future issues.

Response Key Analysis

Records and analyzes current and year-to-date response to each new and renewal subscription promotion effort, with subtotals for each major market category (e.g., direct mail, bind-in cards, agencies, renewals, etc.). Provides percentage of net paid returns.

Payment Analysis

Further analyzes data in the Response key analysis, including pay-up on credit orders and counts of cancels and payment suspends for each promotion effort. Calculates the percentage of conversions (first-time renewals) for each promotion.

Renewal Recap

Consolidates responses to all individual renewal efforts. Calculates renewal percentages for each expire issue group, and a moving average for the last full year.

Renewals from Non-renewal Sources

Tracks advance renewals and provides a cross reference to renewals from sources other than the renewal series.

Credit On/Off by Start Issue

Reports credit orders on/off by start issue.


Calculates income for the current issue being served and the amount of income deferred for future issues. Includes the On/off summary of each type of current transaction. Allows analysis of each factor that affects income totals and subscriber counts.

Cash Received by State

Lists amounts received by state for each source of subscription income. Useful for determining liability for state taxes on magazine income.

Transaction List

Lists all entries to your subscription files since the last report by type of transaction, e.g., additions, renewals, payments, changes of address, cancels, expirations and suspends. Provides "from and to" information and audit trail references. Totals are for ABC/BPA audited publications, based on a basic price provided by the publisher. Useful for special surveys and telephone follow-ups.

Subscriber List

Available in zip, company, or alpha sequence. Lists name and address, account type (e.g., paid, comp, donor, etc.), whether active or inactive, paid or unpaid, expiration issue, last issue served, special mail handling, number of copies, donor or recipient, and special coding. The basic resource for subscriber information.

Label Totals

Provides issue label counts by country (foreign by area) with a breakdown by subscriber type, e.g., paid, controlled, complimentary, etc.

Postal Zone Analysis

Provides postal breakdowns for second- or third-class mailings and applicable postal presort reports.

Geographic Audit Totals

Reports a breakdown of subscribers by state.

BPA On/Off

Reports additions, deletions, and reclassification of subscriptions for Business Publications Audit.

3B/3C Analysis

3B reports BPA source by age. 3C provides a mailing address breakdown.

Cross Hatch

Analyzes subscriber data based on specified sort criteria.

Country Counts

Reports subscriber counts by country.