Circulation Fulfillment

Fulco provides the following services:
  • Daily mail pickup from your post office box.
  • Quick turnaround for all checks and charges.
  • Checks deposited into your bank account in total proof the day after they are received.

  • Email, fax, correspondence, and toll-free phone center subscriber customer service.

  • In-house lettershop facility dedicated to invoice and renewal mailings.
  • Postal presort labels generated on labels, disk and tape/sent via email or ftp transmission.
  • Inclusion of mail received up to 2 days prior to a label run.
  • Customized laser-printed forms for renewals, invoices, gift acknowledgements and special letters.

  • Subscription control and accountability.
  • ABC/BPA auditing.
  • Audit trail and document storage.

  • CD-ROM/printed circulation reports.
  • Marketing data for evaluating promotion.
  • Financial analyses including income-earned and income-deferred calculations.
  • Back issue/replacement/premium product fulfillment.

  • List rentals.

  • Postal presorts and zone analyses for pre-sorted mailings.
  • Postal ACS/NCOA.
  • Merge/purge processing.

  • Promotion file maintenance.
  • Daily backup and off-premise storage of data.
  • Secure internet Ez-Subscription services for your website.
  • Online WebCM subscriber lookup from your desktop.
  • Fulco Circulation Manager database management software to access all of your publication and subscriber data from your PC.

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Please contact your Client Service Manager for pricing options.